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Who we are ?

We are a technology developer company. Most of our activities are summarized in biotechnology, Bioresonance, Consulting and e-commerce, focusing on agriculture. We provide solutions to solve problems in the agricultural and biotechnology industries.


What is our solutions ?



Bioresonance is a tech that significantly increases the efficiency of plants through electromagnetic waves. These waves are effective at the cellular and cause faster growth and resistance to pests and diseases. Theses white noise are harmless to live creatures


AI Technology

AI reduces production costs by properly managing energy resources, supply chains, and distribution. With the development of the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence in agriculture, Netzist is trying to make an essential contribution to the future of modern agriculture



Biotechnology is an interdisciplinary science that consists of a collection of sciences such as biology, mathematics, chemistry, computer, etc. Biotechnology has agricultural, chemical, pharmaceutical, microbial, and medical branches. Our focus is on agriculture biotechnology.

agriculture solutions


In the agricultural sector, solutions are provided for management and consulting in technical, commercial, and marketing fields. The Agrinet has services that cover all the needs of agricultural sectors providing problem-solving solutions based on modern technologies

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