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درباره ی نت زیست

We are a university-based startup. At Netzist, we provide solutions to solve the problem of the Biotechnology & agricultural industries using High-Tech technologies.
ما یک استارت آپ مستقر در دانشگاه هستیم. در نت زیست ما بوسیله فناوری های پیشرفته راهکارهایی برای حل مسئله صنعت کشاورزی و زیست فناوری ارائه می کنیم. 


Who we are?

A university-based startup

Our Mission


what do we do?

two-sided cooperation

Our Story

Since 2019 we have engaged in content creation in agriculture and biotechnology. One year after that, we establish an online agriculture marketplace. In 2021 we looked at changes in agriculture water consumption. Iran has always faced limitations in water sources. The agriculture section is the biggest water consumer in Iran. Although despite this large consumption, its outcome is disappointing. Therefore we decided to produce a device to reduce water consumption and chemical fertilizers.

The History of our Locations:

  • Tehran University Science & Technology Park, Tehran, Iran
  • Tarbiat Modarres University Science & Technology Park, Tehran, Iran


Biotechnology & Agriculture

Agrinet Biotechnololgy

نت زیست

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Bioresonance
  • Biotechnology
  • Agriculture
  • E-commerce
  • Supply Chain management

We based in Tehran, Iran.

Yes, We have successful collaboration in Agriculture and Plant tissue culture in Iraq, Turkey, UAE, and Afghanistan.

Yes.  If you have experience in agriculture, biotechnology and marketing please send us your CV.

  • https://agrinet.ir
  • https://agrinet.ir/bazar
  • https://netzist.com
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